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QSD Inc.

Quality Stage Drapery is proud to re-introduce ourselves as QSD Inc. We rebranded ourselves to encompass our growing list of premium services, products and solutions we provide our clients. We continue to maintain our core values of integrity, honesty, quality and providing an exceptional customer experience.

QSD was founded in 1987 as Quality Stage Drapery to improve and advance drapery industry manufacturing standards. The standards and specifications QSD created for manufacturing tracks and curtains set the new standards in the industry. Even today, architects and engineers predominantly use our proven quality specifications for their theater and stage projects. We continue to be a leading innovator, manufacturer, and supplier of high quality custom theater drapery and stage tracks throughout North America.

In 2006, longtime employee Gerry Abday bought Quality Stage Drapery from its retiring founder. Gerry has extensive experience in business, technical products, rigging and installations. Under his direction, Quality Stage Drapery expanded with several specialized divisions.

Now rebranded as QSD, we now specialize in manufacturing and installing gym dividers, hospital cubicle curtains, stage fire curtains, operable partitions doors, accordion doors, and industrial curtains. We are also distributors of high quality portable stages, gym equipment, theater supplies, trade show equipment and also provide drapery rental services.

Every one of QSD’s valued employees – from production to shipping & installations to accounting – work hard as a team to handle all your project needs from start to finish. It is our goal to provide exceptional customer service, design and quality products to make your project stand out from the rest.

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