Service and Maintenance

//Service and Maintenance

QSD’s expert service and maintenance ensures enduring aesthetics, functionality and safety of your stage curtains and gym equipment

Curtains and gym equipment are expected to sustain wear and tear through constant use. However, QSD’s quality service, maintenance and repair specialists can help extend the life of your curtains and equipment. Although, we highly recommend one of our regular maintenance plans, we are also available for emergency on-call maintenance trouble calls.

Stage Curtain Service and Maintenance

Your curtains are essential to your performances and presentations. Regular service and maintenance guarantees they look their best and that the track and hardware are fully functioning. QSD provides dry cleaning and fireproofing services to ensure your curtains are always ready to play their part.

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Gym Equipment Service and Maintenance

Regular maintenance on your gym equipment prevents it from becoming a hazard. QSD’s expert technicians carefully inspect your gym equipment and makes essential repairs to safeguard every players’ safety and well-being.

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