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Gym Dividers

Maximize Usage Area and Improve Appearance With Proper Gym Dividers

QSD designs, manufactures and installs superior gym dividers and protective netting solutions. They are ideal for recreation centers, schools and more.

Recreational space is in high demand. The simple answer is to divide your gymnasium into several multi-use spaces. A gymnasium divider curtain easily partitions off areas of your gym for different activities.

The dividers can be easily withdrawn and neatly stored out of the way. This restores the entire space of your gymnasium for use.

Gymnasium Divider Curtains

Our gym dividers provide a secure and protective barrier between areas of play inside your gymnasium.

Our standard design is a solid ceiling-to-floor divider curtain. We also have curtains with a vinyl-coated polyester mesh on the top for refreshing air flow. Both styles are available in many colors. The designs include walk draws, fold ups, top rolls and roll ups.

We also provide specialty gymnasium divider curtains. Ridge-Fold Gymnasium Dividers are perfect for sloped roofs. Alternately, Radius-Fold Gymnasium Dividers separate a perimeter running track from the playing courts.

Each gymnasium divider has safety features built into them. You may easily stop a motorized curtain from deploying. Turning the key in the reverse direction the divider is traveling will momentarily delay the motor. It will then reverse and the curtain will begin to move in the opposite direction. All of our gym dividers are fireproof. They are fabricated from flame resistant high-quality reinforced vinyl.

Protective Nets

Our protective netting increases your spectator attendance and maintains the appearance of your gymnasium. Spectators are protected when viewing events. They will avoid being hit by by basketballs, volleyballs, pucks, and more.

Protective mesh and vinyl also protects windows from damage while still allowing enough light in.