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Heavy Duty Welding Curtains Protect Workers

Welding, cutting, and brazing are hazardous activities posing serious risks to your workers. An estimated 562,000 North American workers are at risk of injury from welding each year.

Ensuring your workers have the correct welding curtain or screen is extremely important.

The worker doing the welding is normally well protected, but other workers close to the welding are also at risk from the follow dangers:

  • Welders flash or ‘acr eye’ from the welding arc
  • Sparks and debris in the air
  • Dangerous welding fumes
  • Sharp and piercing welding noises
  • Skin burns from hot welding flashes

The risks to surrounding workers are elevated when working within small or cramped work spaces.

Our welding curtains and screens are designed specifically to protect your workers from the above dangers. Increasing their productivity, the number of days they can effectively work, and decreasing your risk of employee injuring claims!

Here at QSD, we provide you with a wide range of welding curtains that meet all welding and safety requirements.

Welding curtains and welding screens offer a safe, easy-to-install and effective solution for separating welding stations from other work areas.

Our welding curtains and screens are available in multiple configurations to fit a variety of spaces and applications. With a welding curtain, you can help protect workers and the work area from the hazards associated with the welding process.

Our years of experience and enthusiasm for safety and protection go into every welding curtain that we make.

How Our Welding Curtains & Screens Protect Your Workers

Here are five benefits to having a welding curtain or screen in your workplace:

  1. Creates Specific Welding Area

Having a designated area for welding is your fist step of protection. By clearly marking where welding takes place, workers will know to take caution close to that area due to the increased risk hazard.

  1. Reduces Noise

Welding creates a very high level of noise. While the welder is normally wearing ear plugs other workers close by are also at risk. Properly positioned welding curtains and screens will contain the noise from welding protecting workers near the welding.

  1. Controls Temperatures

Welding can produce temperatures of up to 3,500°C. While welders always wear the appropriate clothing, other workers on site may not be. Temperatures that high can burn bare skin too close to it. A welding curtain will protect workers by containing those high temperatures.

  1. Contains Welding Fumes

Fusing metal together can often let off nasty and dangerous fumes. A welding curtain will be able to contain those fumes, and combined with the correct ventilation will keep everyone in the work environment safe.

  1. Shield Workers from Debris

Sparks and hot metal deposits can fly from the welding process, creating a serious health risk to all other workers on the work site. A welding screen or curtain will contain that debris keeping all your employee’s safe.

Your Best Choice for Welding Curtains & Screens

We have a wide range of welding curtains and screens to choose from. Welding curtains and screens are a cost effective and safe solution. Welding curtains and welding screens allow for a multi-use work space and afford each work the same sense of safety.

Welding Screens

Our Welding screens are available in bronze, green, orange, red, blue, and grey. Welding screens help shield workers from blinding welding arcs that can damage worker’s eyes.

Portable welding screens can easily be move around and are great for accommodating unconventional projects. Weld screens can be moved quickly and configured in different designs to form portable welding screens on wheels and concealed work areas. Each portable welding screen is available in either yellow or red. Custom sizes and colours are available – just give us a call!

Welding Curtains

Welding curtains generally cover larger areas where it is not feasible to use a portable welding screen. The curtain material allows for protection from harmful UV rays while also accommodating supervision from outside viewers.

Heavy duty welding curtains prevent sparks and debris from escaping the immediate welding or grinding work area.

Every one of our welding curtains meets or exceed flames resistance requirements.

Our industrial welding curtains are made from heavy duty PVC and are fire retardant. Each industrial curtain is available in red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and charcoal.

We can custom design welding curtains for any size or work area configuration. Welding screen track can be mounted onto almost any application. Portable welding screens can also be built on a frame with castors for easy mobility.

  • Welding Curtain Fabric=


    • Material: 100% PVC
    • Width: 64 inches – 163 cm
    • Thickness:14 mil
    • Fire Retardant: Fire retardant, Passed NFPA 701 Fire Retardant Tests
    • Colors Available: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Charcoal


Crafted from heavy duty PVC, each of our welding curtains are built to last. The nature of the material used to manufacture each curtains means that they are also easy to clean. Simply hose down your welding curtain, or use a mild soap and a rag.

Our track and hardware is made from aluminum and is durable. Made to last, all of QSD’s industrial curtain hardware can endure routine wear and tear. Simply wipe down each component to keep clean.

The Industrial Curtains Company North America Trusts

For over thirty years we have been building welding curtains and screens for business in Calgary, Edmonton, and the rest of Alberta.

We started supplying tracks and curtains to the theatrical, industrial and commercial world and have become industry leaders across North America.

Every member of our team is committed to providing our clients the perfect welding and safety solution. We are happy to any questions that you may have. The quality of our welding curtains is only matched by our team’s exceptional customer service.