Welding Curtains

Welding Curtains: How to Buy and Save Money

Welding is hazardous. There’s no way around that, but there are ways to significantly reduce the risks it presents. And there’s a way to do it while minimizing your costs.   Because of the hazards, welding screens are critically important to shield both the welders and any other staff in the area. Sparks are flying, heat is being generated and blinding light is produced. All of these risks must be effectively and economically managed. Step One in the process is to think

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Turn Up the Volume on Your Noise Suppression

*** We need to add sound suppression products to the site before we can take this post live. *** Get savvy when it comes to sound dampening and noise suppression.   According to the Hearing Foundation of Canada, as many as one million people in the country claim hearing loss as a reality. By comparison, that’s 50 per cent higher than those claiming vision loss. By some estimations, hearing loss costs Canada $18 billion per year. No small consideration. Wouldn’t it be

Industrial Strip Curtains

Industrial Strip Curtains – Economic Efficiency in Climate Control

Baby, it’s cold inside! Realize all the cost-saving benefits vinyl strip curtains have to offer.   Do you have drive-in or walk-in refrigeration rooms in your facility? Maybe your loading dock is open to the rest of your warehouse facility. Streamline your workflow with vinyl strip curtains. These industrial-grade vinyl solutions do away with mixed-climate exposures and the need for opening and closing doors throughout the working day. They’re durable, designed to allow ease of movement for personnel and heavy equipment

Body Shop Curtains

Boost Your Body Shop’s ROI with Curtains

Industrial curtains pay massive dividends on body shop workflow when properly planned.   Each work area has its own demands, and requires its own considerations. Extreme temperatures, paint spray, UV light, sparks, slag and abrasions all call out for their own containment. Without it, various workflows are interrupted to facilitate one another. Labour efficiency is impacted and project completion horizons are stretched unnecessarily. By following some these simple planning procedures, you will be miles ahead of your competitors: Consult with a QSD

Aesthetic Stage Drapes

Stage Drapes – Not Just an Aesthetic Choice

Stage drapes set the scene. They define a theatre’s ethos and prepare the audience for the production at hand. But are you giving due consideration to the role they play in stage safety?   Beyond the proscenium curtains partly protecting the audience from things falling on stage, curtains also play an important function in more conventional industrial applications backstage before and during production. The stage, after all, is a terminal construction site. While much of the construction of set elements occurs in

Multiplex Gym Dividers

Multiplexing Your Gym Space with Dividers

School budgets are notoriously tight. If you were to measure the return on investment for each room in your school, the gymnasium has a lot to account for.   That expanse of vaulted space costs a lot per square metre. While most every other classroom in the building is buzzing and earning its keep throughout the day, why is it that your gym is often darkened and dormant? Wouldn’t it be great if you could maximize the return of that sleeping giant?

DJ Rocks a Venue

Edmonton’s Absence of Music Venues

Are you a live music fan? If you’re a promoter, or a musician yourself, you’re probably aware that venues always seem to be in short supply.   Ironically, do you know what there is a surplus of? Vacant space. At any point in time, your city has an abundance of unused, unrented real estate – commercial and retail, intimate and expansive, warehouses and quirky lofts; there are many options that could be rented on a short-term basis. A quick call to your local realtor