Pipe Adapters

  • Mega-Coupler Pipe Adapter

    Mega-Coupler Pipe Adapter

    #MP1.5B.5M. Use to rig pipe mounted flat screens, projectors, and speakers from overhead pipe or truss. Two interlocking tabs keep the adapter from rotating. Set screw to lock pipe rotation.

  • .5 Pipe to .5 Bolt Adapter

    1/2″ Pipe to 1/2″ Bolt Adapter

    #MP.5B.5M. Use 1/2″ steel water pipe to make custom length adapters.

  • .75 Pipe to .5 Bolt Adapter

    .75 Pipe to .5 Bolt Adapter

    PA-.75NPT-.5X13-M-1. Use 3/4″ steel water pipe to make custom length adapters

  • Mega Tie-Off

    Mega Tie-Off

    #MTOB. The Mega Tie-Off is used backstage for securing boom base pipes to the grid for safety. The 1/2″ eye bolt swivels 360°. Has 1.5 NPT pipe threads and a 1/2″ shoulder eye bolt with a two-way lock nut.