2000 Series

  • 2001 Track

    2001 Track

    Extruded aluminum 1-1/8” wide x 3/4” high entirely enclosed track except for slot in bottom

  • 2005 Carrier

    2005 Carrier

    Nylon swivel eye carrier engineered for quiet, effortless movement

  • 2007 Removable End Stop

    2007 Removable End Stop

    Track end stop used to stop 2005 carriers from gliding off end of track, complete with pull-out tab designed for adding or changing carriers

  • 2008 Hook

    2008 Hook

    Steel cubicle hook for attachment of curtain to carrier

  • 2011 Suspension Tubing

    2011 Suspension Tubing

    Anodized aluminum square tubing used for rigidly suspending 2001 track

  • 2013 Ceiling Bracket

    2013 Ceiling Bracket

    Attaches to top end of suspension tubing and anchors to ceiling

  • 2014 Track Bracket

    2014 Track Bracket

    Attaches to bottom end of suspension tubing and 2001 track

  • 2015 End Stop

    2015 End Stop

    Track end stop used to stop 2005 carriers from gliding off end of track

  • 2018 Radius Connector Sleeve

    2018 Radius Connector

    Sleeve Connects straight track to curved section of adjoining tracks, does not allow 2005 carriers to travel from one track to another

  • 2021 Pvc Drop

    2021 PVC Drop

    18” PVC drop attaches to 2005 to drop top of curtain 18” to allow light and airflow through the room

  • 2042 Wall Bracket

    2042 Wall Bracket

    To be used in place of 2007 and 2015 end stop on suspended tracks, wall bracket mounts track to wall

  • 2053 End Pulley

    2053 End Pulley

    Used at the ends of corded tracks to direct operating line in proper directions

  • 2055 Splice

    2055 Splice

    Anodized aluminum 4” long, correctly aligns sections of 2001 track for smooth operation

  • 2056 Offset Arm

    2056 Offset Arm

    Used on one master carrier for a curtain overlap on bi-parting curtain systems

  • 2057 Master Carrier Offset Arm

    2057 Master Carrier

    Used at the centre of a bi-part system, offset arm optional, one pair pictured, cannot be used on curved track systems

  • 2058 Operating Line

    2058 Operating Line

    1/8” Solid braided spun polyester line

  • 2059 Tension Pulley

    2059 Tension Pulley

    Used to keep line tension on cord operated systems