Terms & Conditions

/Terms & Conditions
  • CREDIT CARDS: We accept MasterCard and Visa.
  • TERMS OF PAYMENT: Except when material and labour covered by this quotation are a sub-contract, terms of payment are Net 30 days upon delivery of material on Supply Only or on completion of work on Supply and Install. Service charge of 2 % per month will be charged. Vendor will NOT accept “PAID WHEN PAID” clause.
  • DELIVERY: All offers to furnish material are contingent upon delays resulting in whole or in part from transportation tie-ups or delays, priorities, strikes, accidents, riots, war, acts of GOD or other causes beyond our control.
  • RECEIPT OF MATERIAL: On receiving vendor’s shipments, purchaser is to note the condition of Vendor’s material, the number of pieces, cases, etc. as being in accordance with the carrier’s receipt and note any variances thereon before accepting shipment. Any damage must be noted on the carrier’s receipt or bill of lading. In the event of damage, which is not evident at the time that the materials are received, the carrier is to be notified in writing immediately upon disclosure of the damage. All claims are to be directed to the carrier within their specified time limits.
  • PENALTIES: We are not subject to penalties or claims for liquidated damages.
  • CONTRACT FORM: In the event that the Purchaser issues his own purchase order and prepares a contract based on this proposal, the conditions contained herein are hereby deemed to be part of the said purchase order or contract unless accepted there out in writing signed by the vendor.
  • RETURNED GOODS: No material will be accepted for credit unless such return is first authorized by the vendor in writing, and may be subject to restocking charges.
  • The supplier’s liability is limited to repair or replacement only of defective items.
  • A deposit may be required for custom order material
  • All the foregoing is subject to approval by our Credit Department