Turn Up the Volume on Your Noise Suppression

//Turn Up the Volume on Your Noise Suppression
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Get savvy when it comes to sound dampening and noise suppression.

According to the Hearing Foundation of Canada, as many as one million people in the country claim hearing loss as a reality. By comparison, that’s 50 per cent higher than those claiming vision loss. By some estimations, hearing loss costs Canada $18 billion per year. No small consideration. Wouldn’t it be great if you could save your portion of that amount?

Taking appropriate safety measures in your facility will make that possible. Sound dampening and noise management in the workplace are of major importance. Taking effective and ongoing action with appropriately-positioned sound curtains assures you an assured ROI.

To get optimal results, be sure to consider the following three issues:

  1. Measure the sound levels to be suppressed: Sound levels can vary considerably depending on the equipment generating the noise. Some sources demand highly-specialized configurations, and it’s important you consult with a professional to ensure optimal results.
  2. Is the sound generator mobile?: If it moves, your suppression device(s) may need to move with it. Seamless portability is important for effectiveness as well as guarding against excessive wear and tear.
  3. Curtain location: Where the suppression system is located can have considerable implications to its design. Décor can be an issue in an office, or customer-facing environment; whereas, effective size is more important in a heavy industrial situation.

These are only three of the many considerations when considering sound dampening solutions. Unfortunately, they are often the most overlooked. Congratulations on having decided to take action. Now, be sure the action you take is appropriate.

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